Sunday, November 25, 2007

South-Africa 2010

Belgium did not qualify for Uefa Euro 2008. Since I do not have cable television, it is not easy to follow the European Championship qualifying games in the US. I missed a couple of the earlier games of Belgium. And before I realized the qualifiers were going on, the headlines in the Belgian newspapers predicted dooms days. Oh, what an optimism! But they were right: we did not qualify. Belgium (18pts) ended up fifth in Group A, behind Poland (28pts), Portugal (27pts), Serbia (24pts), Finland (24pts), and ahead of Kazakhstan (10pts), Armenia (9pts) and Azerbaijan (5pts).

Today was the drawing for the qualifying groups for South Africa 2010. Belgium was unlucky and ended up in a strong group 5, with Spain, Turkey, Armenia, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Estonia. Chances will be slim, however traditionally Belgium plays better against stronger teams. Anybody remember the game against Brazil in Japan? If we don't qualify, there will always be Messi and Riquelme.

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