Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Hiking Henry Coe

A few years ago, we had planned a family camping trip to Henry Coe State Park, about an hour from our house. It was a scorching hot summer weekend. The lack of water in the area made us cancel the outing and hide in an air-conditioned living room, drinking a margarita.

Times have changed. At the last minute we rerouted a backpacking trip in the Sunol Wilderness, to Henry Coe, due to the lack of drinking water in Sunol. We didn't feel like having to hike in all our water for the weekend. On a sunny fall Saturday afternoon, we started our hike into Henry Coe and set up camp at Manzanita camp group. Some of the group hiked to China Hole and ran across tarantulas, water snakes, fish and turtles.

Here are a few pictures from the outing.

Rolling California golden hills with oak trees

Manzanita tree

Anderson Lake (low water)

Manzanita tree