Friday, January 02, 2015

Winter break in California: around the Bay

Every winter, between Christmas and New Year, we take a few days of vacation. In previous years, we have searched for gold in Jamestown, hiked in the desert of Anza Borrego and San Diego, gambled our fortunes away in Las Vegas, ate cheese in Marin, and did some whale watching in Monterey and Carmel.

Rather than drive many miles, often through the dull Central Valley, we decided to stay around the Bay. Why loose a day on the highway of boredom, when you have some of the most beautiful places in your backyard.

We stitched together a four day trip within a two hour radius from our home.

With the luck of some great sunny and sometimes cold and windy weather, we hiked miles and miles up mountains, down valleys and around the island. We rewarded ourselves to some great culinary creations in the evenings. All and all a great "staycation".