Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been twittering from time to time. You can see my tweets on the right side of my blog or at

Until now I use twitter often to record a funny quote from the kids. The potential of twitter isn't easily understood. There are some amazing things going on. 

With the first presidential debate tonight, I caught a blog post about how Twitter and Current are working together to "Hack The Debate": when twittering, add #current to the tweet and it will be grouped and might even be appear on the Current TV feed. (What's #?) is scrolling through all debate, candidates and election related tweets. A squawk-box for political geeks. 

Then I came across more funny posts: #obamashot and #mccainshot
Drinking rules for tonight! #obamashot for every time Obama says "change", and #mccainshot every time McCain says "my friends"
Good luck not getting smashed. 

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Pick up the phone!

I am a radiophile and I listen regularly to NPR radio. NPR is broadcast in the Bay Area by KQED radio, in San Francisco. Because they are member funded, they have regularly a pledge drive.

During the pledge drive,  the presenters solicit donations from the listeners, often supplemented by dollar for dollar matching grants from sponsors. In return you often get a small "speed dial" gift. 

In the background you will hear a phone ring. And ring ... and ring. Isn't anybody ever going to pick this up? They are asking us to call them right? Pick up the phone! It is probably just a soundtrack. Cheaters! ;)

To donate to KQED: (800) 937 8850 or visit the website.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Phone spam?

Tonight I received an odd call from a 866 number:
Me: "Hello"
No response

Me: "Hello, who am I talking to?"
Answ: "I am sorry to disturb you. This message was only to be received by an answering machine."
Apparently this not nothing new. One google search result (telephony phishing) goes back to 2005. Very weird. Why do they want to talk to my answering machine? 

This must be a tactic to circumvent some do-not-call list law.