Sunday, November 18, 2007

The case of the lazy server

Despite the non-standard and closed protocol, the slow performance, lack of Firefox support, lack of basic server side calendar features (e.g. alarm email, SMS, iCal/webdav calendar feed), I've tried to make the Microsoft Exchange server work for me. ... mmh ... trying to play nice ... However, I keep on failing. It is a case of a lazy server:

I entered "meeting minutes" in the search box. The answer:
Your search returned more results than can be displayed. Refine your search and try again to reduce the number of results. 651 results for "meeting minutes" in all folders and items
Can't handle 651 results? Ok, then. I expected too much. Did it show the first few hundred? Oh-nooo. That would be too much work. How would I know how to refine my search. Perhaps "meeting minutes - project replace Exchange" will do the trick. Helloooo Google, shall we dance?

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