Sunday, October 11, 2015

Pinnacles, CA

Earlier in the year, we made a backpacking/hiking trip to the Pinnacles. The trip was a practice run, leading up to our week long Lost Coast trip.

Unfortunately, we were not able to complete the planned route, as we had to add a bunch of miles from the visitor center to the trail head, as the park was overly crowded that day due to an event.

This time, it was a lot calmer in the park and we were able to do a wonderful hike. We started in Bear Gulch, hiked up to Condor Gulch, and made it back along the High Peaks trail to the Bear Gulch reservoir. We returned through the caves. All in all, 175 floors and 6-7 miles. (trails) (map)

Although we were well prepared, brought sufficient food and a decent amount of water, it was clear that we did not bring nearly enough water. One liter per hour is was is recommended in this heat in the park.