Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shopping Season Bah!

Black Friday, Cyber Monday are becoming known terms even in Europe. They are referring to the kick-off of the American shopping season, which traditionally starts the day after Thanksgiving (4th Thursday in November). On Black Friday, stores hope to stop bleeding red ink and to start turning a profit for the year. Cyber Monday is the Monday after when people return to work and find refuge for their shopping addiction on the intenet It is typically a big day for Ebay and Amazon. On Black Friday, you can find great deals. From early morning until 11am, stores will offer big discounts. Early morning becomes earlier and earlier: some stores opened at 4am. Four A - M!
Other than shoes and a few long sleeve shirts for the kids, we avoided the shopping malls. As a matter of fact, as my wife braved the mall on Sunday, I went to a local small coffee shop and worked on my presentation of the past week. 
Throughout the last few years, I condensed my shopping to some clothes while in Argentina, taking advantage of the favorable dollar-peso exchange rate. Even now, my shopping list remains small:
  1. Something for my wife and kids
  2. Undershirts
  3. Pure black t-shirts without a logo or design. 
  4. Mock turtle neck (perhaps)
My long term shopping list includes: 
  1. Replacement for my 2MP vintage digital camera
  2. Replacement for my aging 5 year old Titanium Powerbook
So you will not see me in the malls. I will be counting down a little bit to MacWorld 2008.

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