Sunday, May 29, 2011

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge from Coit Tower

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I recently received a letter in the mail from Harrel Remodeling Inc. At first it looked like unsolicited offer for general contracting services. I often just rip the envelope before opening it. This time I did not tear it up. Here's the letter:
Dear Neighbor,
My company, Harrell Remodling is remodeling the home of you neighbors on ABC Drive. I am writing to let you know that our trucks, subcontractors, and related equipment may be in your area. If you are inconvenienced by any of the activities related to the work, please call us, and will take immediate steps to resolve your concern.  
While we respect our clients' homes and their neighborhoods by driving safely and cleaning the jobsite at the end of each work day, we ask that you please let children know of the additional traffic and other possible hazards while the work is in progress. In addition, our jobsite policies prohibit smoking, swearing and radios.  
Besides our own valuable staff of professional craftspeople, we also have an outstanding team of trade specialists such as our electricians, plumbers, roofers and other professionals whom we can proudly refer to you.  

Indeed, one of our neighbors is tearing up a lot of concrete around her house and I did note a portable toilet in her drive way.

I don't know if it is customary to send such a letter for larger constructing jobs. It definitely gave me a great impression about the company and free marketing for the cost of a postage stamp.