Tuesday, October 10, 2006

New window of opportunity

Since a few weeks, I moved to a new office: one with a new window of opportunity. A pretty nice place, on the west side of the building. In front of my office are a few couches to hang out. Here are a few pictures:

Right in front of my office, at about 300-400 meter is another big office tower (McAfee). To the left, is a distant view of the San Jose skyline. The San Jose international airport is in between, so I see airplanes take off and land throughout the day.

On the right side (behind my monitor) is a view of Highway 101 and the Great America Parkway/Bowers off ramp. I typically close my blinds a bit. First of all, to dim the sunlight behind my monitor. Secondly, the traffic can be distracting. At the other hand, watching the slow traffic during the afternoon commute is entertaining. In the distant are the mountains of Cupertino.

The view during the night is impressive. I wonder how the view must be at level 9, where a new startup, Code Green Networks, recently moved in.


atstester said...

Ever thought about a Siemens ;-)

Anonymous said...

The view's pretty good. It was a nice place to watch the Great America fireworks on the weekend of July 4th. :-)

Edelee said...

i'm sure you'll miss this view when we move to the new office!!!