Sunday, October 08, 2006


Over the last weeks, I have used Eclipse, Netbeans and Microsoft Visual Studio for my simple C, C++, Java and XML schema projects. May I stress simple.

Though Netbeans is the de facto IDE at Sun, many in Solaris land appear to be primarily vi and emacs users. Even though the Sun Studio compilers had a visual front end, few used it. On June 28th, Netbeans released a C/C++ development pack for Netbeans (aka CND) for download in Beta. Since then a second Beta added gdb debugging support.

I've come to like Netbeans a lot. It is now my primary IDE, although on occasion because of customer issues, I use Visual C++.

In Netbeans, things overall just work! Ok, in fairness, I did have to file a few minor bugs. However, I 've been impressed by the Netbeans community. Specifically by the response to those bugs or RFEs. Give CND it a try!

PS - You might also want to check out some interesting posts about Netbeans (versus Eclipse and others) from earlier this year: The Register ; Evans


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