Sunday, January 24, 2016

21 days

I like a glass of wine. I like a pint of beer. I like especially a cold pilsner, on a hot summer day. This was the case quite often during the Christmas break in the Argentine summer of San Luis, with temperatures above 100F.

I resolved to quit drinking alcohol during the first 21 days of January. Today is day 16 and I am happy this has not been a tough resolution so far. Having a couple of cold beers in the fridge (Dogfish Head namaste), or an open Malbec on the kitchen counter surely can be tempting. Or worse, celebrating my birthday in the middle of the month required extra suffering.

Water, water with a pinch of grapefruit juice, tomato juice, fresh squeezed lemon with grated ginger or a cup of tea are now my drinks in the evening.

My secret hope is that not drinking my calories can be the tipping point to dropping weight (in addition to eating more salads and lots of walking). Thus far I am -4 pounds.

Update: Day 21 came and went. I got a few high fives on Beyond that it was a non event, all while my fellow hikers last Sunday were drinking 1 liter steins of beer at the Park Chalet. I am still happily checking of my alcohol free resolution. Since this week is our company kick off week, continuing my winning streak is a smart idea.

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