Friday, September 26, 2008


I've been twittering from time to time. You can see my tweets on the right side of my blog or at

Until now I use twitter often to record a funny quote from the kids. The potential of twitter isn't easily understood. There are some amazing things going on. 

With the first presidential debate tonight, I caught a blog post about how Twitter and Current are working together to "Hack The Debate": when twittering, add #current to the tweet and it will be grouped and might even be appear on the Current TV feed. (What's #?) is scrolling through all debate, candidates and election related tweets. A squawk-box for political geeks. 

Then I came across more funny posts: #obamashot and #mccainshot
Drinking rules for tonight! #obamashot for every time Obama says "change", and #mccainshot every time McCain says "my friends"
Good luck not getting smashed. 

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