Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Yet another music streaming site? That was my first reaction when I read on Jacob Lodwick's blog about Muxtape, a website for creating and sharing mixtapes. The site is stupidly simple - I love it! Muxtape allows you to make your own digital mixtape (with its very own URL to share with anyone you want). You can create your 12 song “mixtape” by simply uploading any of your MP3s. Unfortunately most of my music is in Apple's Advanced Audio Coding format, so I'll have to do one extra step to convert to mp3. The songs can then be streamed by anyone visiting your muxtape site.

I've been taking a break from Pandora and have been exploring great artists and music I've never heard of. A couple of my favorite muxtapes:
There is of course the sixty-four thousand dollar question: is muxtape legal? (legal issues of mixtapes) It must be billing time for the lawyers for the record industry.

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Edelee said...

I must say that Pandora is awesome! I've used it since 2004!