Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Torture me!

For many months, I've been part of an advanced Toastmasters club, the Agile Articulators, both as a member and as the VP for Public Relations. Toastmasters is all about becoming a better public speaker. Our small club is an advanced club: it combines speech with debate. Every meeting there is a prepared speech, and either a short 1-on-1 debate or longer 2-on-2 debates. The debates are forensic style debates [1] [2]. The topics are current affairs and are voted upon by the members. Tonight's dabate: resolved, that no agency of the United States government should use torture during interogations of prisoners under its control. Unfortunately, I had to argue the affirmative. This was unfortunate not because I like torture but because 80% of the debates are won by the negative side. I really wanted a win this time. Tonight our team lost again against a USC forensic debate pro and his debate partner. Dear fellow Americans I hereby apologize, we lost the torture proposal. Get ready to be waterboarded!

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