Tuesday, October 16, 2007

A milestone

(picture by Leo Reynolds)

August 27, 2004 was the beginning of my blog. Since then I tried to post regularly, often once a week, sometimes once or twice a month. My goal was to focus on creating new content and start writing in English. I did not want my blog to be a check-out-this-link listing. This is blog post number 100.

For a while I also posted in the "Carnivals". Carnivals are organized by bloggers: on a given topic (e.g. frugality), the frugal carnival is posted each time on a new blog. The post is list of blog posts on different blogs discussing frugality. The next month, the carnival moves to another blog. It is a great traffic source.

I use Google Analytics to track readership. I do not have the readership nor run my own server to warrant scripts like used in the wide finder project. A couple of tidbits:
  • I do have readers from all over the world, with the US in first place and Belgium in second place, and a couple of readers from Australia, Canada and several countries in Europe.
  • Firefox represents fifty percent of the browsers visiting my blog. Internet explorer takes 35%. I even had visitors using Opera and Portable Playstation.
  • Top content includes: Home is where the tank is parked (probably because it was cross posted by various carinvals); Farewell Luis Rest in Peace; Netbeans CND; Lake Wobegon (Not all content is included as the early content (2004) was not part of the tracking.)
  • Google and Google blog search is the top referred; though LinkedIn ranks higher than technorati. Interesting. Also the blog of my dad refers a steady stream of readers.
flanders.california.usa ... ongoing

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