Sunday, June 04, 2006


Yesterday, we hosted a get-together for the group of Argentines at my wife's company : un asado argentino. Mind you, this is a Saturday. A Sunny afternoon. The sangria is ready. A big bucket is full of chilled beer. And the barbecue is already cooking the sliced zuchinnis.
An hour late (which is expected - la hora argentina always runs about an hour late), people start trickling in ... with their laptops. And not immediatly thirsty for a beer. No no, thirsty for power, to recharge the batteries. Only in Silicon Valley. And yes, we did dive into the sangria and had plenty of grilled meat and beer afterwards.

In a month, we'll celebrate yankee doodle day - Belgian style. There won't be a problem of electric power: Belgian still run on primarily on ethanol.

While on Saturday, we cooked on a traditional American Webber barbecue, I couldn't help it to add a picture from our recent visit to Argentina: an asado en El Trapiche, San Luis, Argentina:

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