Thursday, June 01, 2006

The number: 2687

On January 29, 1999, I joined officially Sun Microsystems. I had interviewed months before that, accepted the employment offer as soon as the traditional first quarter hiring freeze had passed, and had been awaiting the transfer of my H1B visa. I have worked in Market Development Engineering the entire time. I have had three different positions in the organization: first in the I/O Technologies group, then in the eBusiness team and finally in Horizontal Technologies.

A few days ago, I tendered my resignation from Sun Microsystems and have decided to take on an exciting new job at Real Time Innovations in Santa Clara.
Ironically, RTI headquarters are located in the big Mission Towers building next to highway 101, with a big "Sun Microsystems" logo on top of it - although there aren't any Sun offices anymore in the building. (In Silicon Valley, big building facade has important advertising value). It's a little freaky: the offices, the furniture, the layouts, even the carpet I believe: it looks all too familiar.

June 9th will be my last day at Sun. All together, I will have been 2687 days at Sun Microsystems.

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