Monday, January 02, 2006

Just go to 7-Eleven

Around the corner from where we live is one of the little china town centers [see also Chinese 101 - not thank you]. It is a place where all the commercial places are Asian. Signs are Asian. The grocery store is Asian. The restaurants are Asian. The beauty salons are Asian. You can find a lot of good food there, and get a cheap haircut at any day of the year. Even on Christmas or New Year. On Saturday, my wife went by the hair and beauty salon, one of the many there, to ask if they do eyebrow waxing. The lady replied: "Oh-no, no waxing. Go to 7-eleven for waxing!" Remind me not to enter that little backroom at 7-eleven.

[Translation for tourists: 7-eleven is the little convenience store, open almost 24 hours, which you find throughout the US at many corners. They will sell you among other things: toilet paper, stale 12 hours old coffee, donuts, the newspaper, lottery tickets, icecream, beer (and aspirin). It is similar to a more general purpose 'gazettenwinkel' in Belgium, or the store you find in every village with the old lady selling from candy to screwdrivers.]

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