Sunday, January 29, 2006

Guess the city

  1. The fire marshall is on a leave of abscence: when leaving an appartment building, you need a key to open the front door from the inside.
  2. A 'California stop' (a rolling stop) has a whole new definition.
  3. Elevators have two sliding doors
  4. A favorite picnic and bbq place is along the freeway from the international airport to downtown.
  5. Tony Soprano is making a killing: trash is picked up daily at night
  6. Webvan should have taken a lesson and focus on one core business: Ice cream is delivered to your dinner table
  7. Carseats are for losers (baby though talk)
  8. My Peugeot 504 just reached 3 million kilometers and shows no sign of slowing down. Headlights have a '1/2 on' setting.
  9. A mullet (aka Bundesliga) haircut is in.
  10. The amount of cellular phones is up. Cellulitis is down.
  11. Showing skin has never been out.

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