Wednesday, August 03, 2016

No more Sopranos in the sky

Dear Mr Lingus,
Flying Aer Lingus from San Francisco to Dublin has been wonderful. The flight was uneventful. The service was friendly. The food was just fine.

Now, let's discus the entertainment system on the Airbus 330. From the start a quarter of the systems needed to be restarted. I thought I was one of the lucky ones, with a system which worked from the gecko.

Then, my Irish luck ran out. Or perhaps it was the curse of Tony Soprano. As I selected an episode of the New Jersey crime boss, my system semi-froze. While I could navigate the menus at a snail's pace, no movie or tv show could be summoned.

After the dinner service, my system was reset. And then I was able to break it again. Again Tony!

After some trial and error, I figured out how to revive it: by starting an entirely different application, such as the mapping app, and then return to the movie app.

Arriving safely at your destination is expected. Airfare is beyond our control and it is all somewhat of a black box. Your mileage these days will vary as it comes to food. That leaves the entertainment system as the one thing which sets you aside from your competition.

No more Sopranos in the sky.

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