Sunday, July 17, 2016

Food prep

For the past week, I have been cutting, cooking, and dehydrating a variety of foods for the upcoming backpacking trip to the Emigrant Wilderness. My bear can is filled to the brim with the following meals for four adults:

1. Dehydrated vegetable soup
2. Coffee and tea
3. Daily snack packs with almonds, 2 energy bars and a few jelly beans
4. Chicken curry (recipe)

5. Vegetarian Indian dal (recipe). It took me quite a while to dehydrate the dal into bark.
6. Pineapple upside down cake (recipe)
7. Oatmeal and dried fruits and nuts breakfast (see theYummyLife)

On Monday, we're heading out to Emigrant Wilderness, starting at Crabtree trailhead for an entire week. 

An artist rendering from our trip to Kennedy Meadows
in the Emigrant Wilderness a few weeks ago. 

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