Saturday, December 19, 2015

Back to the eighties

American Airlines flight AA977 from Dallas to Buenos Aires is a real time machine. Painted in the new American Airlines color scheme, this Boeing 777 gives the appearance of a modern aircraft. Though looks are deceiving.

The audio visual system dates from before Back to the Future 1. The audio system crackles like a radio transmission from the moon. The touch screen shows a rainbow of colors around its edges. And the pre Google Maps flight path maps simply belongs in the Computer History museum. To make the experience complete, the feature film, on a rotating schedule, is Straight out of Compton: The NWA story.

I should havs known something was up with this plane, when check-in signs alerted us that hoover boards were prohibited and that American Airlines was paging Marty McFly.

(Written on an ipad, a device clearly from the future in this aircraft.)

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