Saturday, February 28, 2015

The new podcast era

As a fan of AM talk radio and NPR, it should be no surprise that I am a big fan of podcasts. I have always loved them. Podcasts, not the latest greatest iTunes song, were the reason many years ago I bought an iPod nano. I have since dropped the cumbersome synchronization to my iPod, and switched to using Pocket Casts on my Android phone.

I am very excited about the renaissance of podcasts. Not only are there better applications to listen to podcasts, the quality and number of different formats have increased dramatically.

Here's the list of podcasts I listed to regularly:

Three-star rated - big fan
  • Startup - a podcast by Gimlet Media about starting a company. Season one covered the story about Alex Blumberg (@abexlumberg) creating his own podcasting company, Gimlet Media.
  • Reply all - The second podcast from Gimlet Media, Alex Blumberg's new venture into created a podcasting business. 
  • NPR Planet Money - The economy explained in simple terms. I've been a big fan since day 1. 
  • NPR Wait Wait don't tell me - as I am often unavailable Saturday morning to catch the original broadcast on KQED. 
  • This American Life defined the story telling category. Quirky and interesting stories of our every day lives. There must be a Portlandia episode about us This-American-Life-afficionados. 
  • 99% invisible - Don't get fooled by the boring sounding introduction. This is a great and interesting podcast.
  • Serial - Yes, as many many others, I was listening every Thursday to Serial. Awaiting season 2.
  • The Anjunadeep edition - great focus beats
  • Above and Beyond Group Therapy Radio - party music
  • Sara and Vinnie's secret show - the uncensored version of a morning show on Alice 97.3 
  • The Moth - in a similar fashion as This American Life, The Moth is all about telling stories. 

    Two-star rated

    • The Tim Ferriss Show - at first I was leery of a 1 to 2-hours podcast. The interview with @photomatt  was very interesting and changed my mind. 
    • NPR Invisibilia - fairly new show about the invisible forces in our life. A little slow, though about very interesting topics. 
    One-star rated

    • Art of manliness  
    • 99U The podcast - The website is fantastic with great information for managers. The podcast only happens infrequently. 
    To be ratedI do not listen regularly enough yet to have a strong opinion
    • Art of Charm 
    • Criminal

    Let me know if there should be others on my list. I rotate often new podcasts in and out. 

    Ideally a podcast should be about 30 minutes tops, either to the point with tips, or just plain great story telling, and narrated by a nasal voice. 

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