Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Mission Peak

After writing about the mountains we conquer at work, I decided to wake up early on the 4th of July and climb Mission Peak in Fremont, about 20 minutes from our house. The path starts almost at sea level and takes you to 2517ft or 767m for a magnificent view of the Bay Area. You can see from San Jose, to Mountain View, to Mt Tamalpais. I was also great to watch a few of the old timer planes fly over for the 4th of July parades. The trail is pretty much up hill all the time with very few flat parts. There is almost no shade cover, thus lather up with sunscreen. Some of my friends prefer to start the hike at 5:30am, or late in the evening. Bring plenty (a camel pack full) of water and some replenishments and this is not your average stroll in the hills. After 1.5 hours uphill I made to the top.

Along the way, I did run into some in-shape lean meat cows, and a rattlesnake, which is very common up here. Round trip: 3:45hrs.

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gloria regunaga said...

¡Felicitaciones por la caminata!!!,se ve que estàs en buen estado atlètico!!,¿Y ESTELA Y LOS CHICOS??,apuesto que estaban mirando la montaña desde la casa,ja,ja!!!