Sunday, June 10, 2012

Spring project 2012: planter box

We're planning a couple of home improvement projects around the house this summer. The deck is every couple of years on the list, but not this year. This spring I decided to build a nice planter box. The soil around our house it hard clay. In summer you need a pick to get through it. The year we tried to plant radishes, we got some small deformed radishes trying to bulk up.

For about $250 on new materials (copper pressured treated wood ok for an organic garden, soaker hoses, large screws for outdoor), some material I still had laying around and quiet a bit of new soil, I built a 9ft x 5ft planter box using some tips from Sunset magazine.

We planted tomatoes, various peppers, squash, onions, beans, celery, basil, corn, lettuce and chard. Some must be surviving I hope. To be continued in a few months when we can start enjoying the fruits of our labor.

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