Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Gmail tasks' missing features

I've been a big fan of Bob the Monkey or the Cow, depending how you look at it. All my to-do items are tracked withing remember the milk, nicely organized in lists, shared among people, and tagged with something meaningful. The user interface has been the same for a while and can be improved upon.

A recent blog post about Gmail tasks triggered reexamining this feature. While promising, it falls short because it lacks the following features I am used to (correct me if I overlooked how it works with Gmail tasks):
  1. ability to specify a due time and an estimate how long a task will take.
  2. ability to specify recurring tasks: e.g. pay PG&E every 12th of the month
  3. ability to share tasks with others
  4. ability to add a location and map to a task
  5. ability to add a priority to a task
  6. ability to add tags to a task
  7. ability to add contacts to a task
  8. smart lists : e.g. show all work related (tag=work) items due this week
  9. google.com/tasks should provide a great user interface to sort, rearrange and do bulk operations on tasks

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