Thursday, March 20, 2008

Spring tomatoes

As fall arrived near the end of September, a new crop of tomatoes start growing in our garden. The tomato plants on the side of the house are in shock throughout the hot summer days. During the Indian summer in October, these plants start bearing new fruits. Some plants will last through the winter. Tonight, on the first evening of spring, we ate two delicious tomatoes which my daughter harvested in the garden. And there are more to come.

Unfortunately, fall also meant that our garden would be overrun again by clover. In the next weeks I'll start the yearly spring clover clean up. There's lots of clover. And none of that lucky clover. I wish.

Anyone know a non-toxic approach to getting rid of clover?


Kevin said...

Great looking tomato! It looks so good, you could probably make a living just selling the picture. As for the clover, have you tried a goat?

Mort said...

Try vinegar when the clover is small. If this does not work, try corn gluten, the natural herbicide, usually available on line.

Mr Mort
Master Gardener