Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Buenos Aires, city of the thin

People in Buenos Aires always look in great shape. Women are obsessed by their looks (even more so than in many other places). But also men are in great shape (regardless of the amount of beef, beers, empanadas or media lunas consumed). I am impressed about the amount of sports done in this big city:
  • Soccer is everything in Argentina. In the parks of Buenos Aires, or on any patch of green, you'll find many impromptu games of soccer. Soccer is everywhere. Day and night.
  • Dogwalkers keep in shape by walking 10, 20 or 30 dogs at once.
  • I have not heard of any famous cyclist from Argentina (except for Rebellin exchanging his Italian passport for a dark blue Argentinean one) in order to participate in the Olympic Games. However, on the route from the airport to down town, in the cold of mid winter, we encountered many cyclists on the freeway to the airport (Sunday 10am). They all were in great shiny outfits of the major European teams.
  • Jogging along Avenida Libertador
  • Rugby is very popular, although I did not see any game or people playing it.
  • Tennis is gaining strong in popularity, thanks to a group of excellent male players, including Nalbandian.
  • During the winter, I noticed a fair amount of people with squash rackets.
  • Polo, although more a game for the rich and famous.

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