Monday, July 30, 2007

Save @ and / !

I spent most of the month of July in Argentina on vacation. Vacation however does not mean I will turn  the computer off entirely, nor access to the (internet) world. I read my personal email regularly and kept up to date with the blogosphere. Argentina is quiet computer savvy. There are many internet cafes, and many people have broadband internet. The computers on the other hand are often a little dated, because of the cost. (We did bring an Apple iMac Mini for my brother in law. The price difference between the US and Argentina is substantial: more than 30%.)

One thing kept bugging me however: the Spanish keyboard layout. I am not referring to the fact that the punctuation keys are swapped. The two basic internet keys: @ and / are hidden away.

  • @ is Alt Gr + 2
  • / is shift + 7
In the age of the internet, it is time the keyboard layouts are updated.

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