Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Coffeehouse Investor

I recently finished reading a small book by Bill Shultheis called "The Coffeehouse Investor". It reads easy and is written in a conversation style. The moral of the book is (1) to ignore Wallstreet: they only make money when there is movement in the market and (2) use a simple index investing style: don't try to outsmart the market. Make sure you at least match the market. For a preview of the three key principles of investing: outlined in the book, check out its website: http://coffeehouseinvestor.com/
The name of the book is based upon a weekly gathering of friends in a coffeeshop.
There are only two things puzzling about the book: (a) How did the author get out the door to have a coffee on a rainy Seattle Saturday morning at 5:45am (!) and (b) How did he convince his friends to join him.

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