Thursday, April 12, 2007

New Google Service Ideas

  1. Time converter: similar to the Calculator or Currency converter, the Time Converter would be able to answer "2PM PDT in MDT"
    1. Update: Related to this, it was pointed out that "Time In" provides you the current time. I.e. Time in Albuquerque
    2. Update: What time is it provides you the current time and in other time zones.
  2. Microsoft Error Code Lookup Service aids in deciphering "Error code 00000024, parameter1 001902fe, parameter2 f7a57904, parameter3 f7a57600, parameter4 f738b923" and correlates the error to Microsoft information, postings in Google Groups, Blogs and related newsgroups. Next up: VxWorks Error Code Lookup Service. And eventually the Universal Error Code Lookup Service.
  3. Manual and Warranty Locator helps in locating manuals and warranty information for different products, by manufacturer and model, or by barcode.


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