Wednesday, December 06, 2006

It's about the data, stupid!

If you read my blog over the year (Software as a service, it's about the data platform) (Saas infrastructure, an update), you understand my view on who will hold the best cards on the internet in the future.

Today, I learned on TechCrunch about a interesting new company, who puts data central to their business: Swivel. "Swivel is a place where curious people explore data — all kinds of data.", according to their website. Ha! Right up my alley. It is like Chart of the Day, but then for all kinds of data. Here's an interesting one comparing Wine and Crime data sets (based upon 25 data points, imported from and How related are these items to one another? 77%, according to Swivel.


Swivel allows you to customize the graph and generates the html to embed into your blog. This might an interesting company to keep track of. .. mmh.. let's chart out Swivel page visits against the amount of newborns.


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Bart said...

Makes perfect sense, listening to "As the bottle runs dry" by the Wolfbanes ;-).