Thursday, December 22, 2005

When old meets young

One of the perks of living in Silicon Valley is that a lot of the excitement happens just down the street. There are plenty of "geek user groups" happening every night: the SVOSUG (aka Silicon Valley Open Solaris User Group), the SVLUG (Linux User Group), BayLisa, the SForce user group, the Ruby geeks, the Pythons, etc. A real treasure are a bunch of old timers meeting in Mountain View: the Computer History Museum (at the old SGI building on 101 and Shoreline) I've been visiting the museum a number of times, attended some presentations and lectures, even organized a company event there. If you are in the Bay Area, and you middle name is geek, check it out and look up the events for that time. Yesterday, when browsing Google Video, I came across a wonderful recording of a Computer History Museum event: Bob Sproull and the brothers Sutherland. And there is more of the same.

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