Friday, February 18, 2005

Red means stop,

Green means go, Yellow means take it slow. The little children's song has taught my son the concept and understands the traffic lights. (Although some of us are not in agreement yet about the middle colour:yellow or orange?). In the last couple of years however, the number of red light abusers has been stagering. Today, green means:
  • Observe a few cars running the red light

  • Look for the more intelligently challenged drivers, who only decided to run the red light when already it already turned red. You know, the ones that you do not expect to be flying through the red light anymore

  • Start of very slow and paranoically look left and right

  • Kick it in high gear 'cause else you will be one of the red light drivers at the next light.

  • Before increasing the fines for driving through a red light, it is essential the lights get recalibrated. In many cases, it is impossible to clear the intersection when the light changes to yellow/orange. So, dear officer, let's play the game fair and gives us enough time to get through the intersection. After that, go the for the big fines. Please go for the big fines. And hopefully the song will get its true meaning back.
    - The Family Alliance for the restoration of children's lyrics.

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